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"too low to resist"
Trait Reader analysis are available with packages for individual and corporate perspective buyers, these prices are designed at such a low factor that everyone can easily afford.
There are three options to choose as follows:
Trait Solo Analysis Pack
For individual analysis seekers this is the best option, be it the analysis of one-self or gift for a friend.
Cost in INR Cost in US $  
Rs. 5000 only $ 75.00 only
Hand Writing Analysis Bulk Analysis Pack
This package is designed for corporates, small to big companies, schools etc. to judge the personality of workforce / students.
Cost in INR Cost in US $
Rs 22,500 for pack of 5 analysis
(effective cost Rs. 4500 per analysis)
$ 350.00 only | Order Bulk Pack 5 |
Rs 40,000 for pack of 10 analysis
(effective cost Rs. 4000 per analysis)
$ 650.00 only | Order Bulk Pack 10 |
Rs 1,75,000 for pack of 50 analysis
(effective cost Rs. 3500 per analysis)
$ 2825.00 only | Order Bulk Pack 50 |
Graphology Resellers
We seek marketing services of active individuals or marketing agencies of Trait Reading services in all the countries.
We offer attractive remuneration packages.

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