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"handwriting analysis helps
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Hand Writing Analysis
Handwriting Analyst
Online Handwriting Analysis What is Trait Reader.
Trait Reader is first of its kind, a professional online Handwriting Analysis service in India.
Graphology is commonly known as Handwriting Analysis. In other words, one can say that it is the brain-writing which lets one to identify, evaluate and understand a person's personality. An individual's physiological and psychological behavior can be depicted in a person's handwriting. Moreover, handwriting explains the nature/character of a person. For example the trait of Slant, which represents a person's emotional interactions.
Handwriting analysis gives a fairly accurate idea of the person's positive & negative traits. Trait Reading helps in improving personality and the social relation between the near and dear ones. For example, teacher can determine the qualities of students and their achievements, helps in improving the self-reflection of a student.
With trait-based instruction, students gain ownership over the learning process and become more active and purposeful learners. Parents can guide their children based on trait analysis for self-improvement and choosing the right career most suited to their characteristic traits. Love-birds or Life Partners use Trait Reading for checking the compatibility among themselves. Not only this, companies and corporates also use this science for recruiting better employees in their organizations.
Although Graphology is being used extensively in Europe for a long time now, particularly France where 90% of all recruiters/placement agencies turn to hand writing analysis to place the most compatible and suitable person. According to The Wall Street Journal, Handwriting Analysis is used by big US corporations… this trend will only grow as human resource managers have less and less time to assess the huge number of apparently similar applicants for each position.
The Trait Reader's Grapho Analysis service is the study made by well experienced Graphologist who analyzes and gathers astonishing amount of information about the writer.
Broadly, Trait Reading helps in:
Discovering the reasons for limitations of a person's achievement with accuracy.
Handwriting Analysis
Identifying and recognizing the strong and weak character traits, to improve the self potential and ability of a person.
Trait Reading
Spots the dark part of the personality.
Choosing the right career.
Improving negative traits & utilizing positive traits effectively.
Therefore, Trait Reading helps in analyzing the person for recruitment, business compatibility, personal relations, match making, career guidance, motivation and gaining the insight of the person’s personality.

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