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Handwriting never lies, and it is legal to have a handwriting analyst for giving overview of the person's behavior. Handwriting analysis, or grapho analysis, is the science involved in producing a personality profile by examining the characteristics and traits from the strokes of the writer’s handwriting.


Know the traits, both positive & negative


To utilize opportunities in life more effectively.


To increase self-confidence to tackle the competitive world.

Who Can Use It?

Trait reader can be used effectively by both Individuals for self analysis and by Corporates to assess candidates uniqueness or personality during hiring or promotions. It is a unique method to find out personality traits and assess capabilities of individuals

Mr. Naveen Toshniwal, Founder

Detect the positive & negative traits of candidates/employees for specific assignments / suitability of a person for the organization (Example: A person with traits of accuracy, thrift & concentration power would be a good accountant).

Parents are always curious about children’s future. Trait reader equips parents with easy to understand tools which help parents to assess personality type and corrective action to be taken through proper guidance. This test is intended to give you some insight into your children’s fundamental personality type and determines how one goes through life, and how they end up attracting experiences into their lives.

Identify one’s own traits, both positive & negative. To choose a career. Improve personal relations. Work in proper direction to achieve goals. Overall self-improvement in due course.

What Our Customers Say

U r doing a great job I have found a great change in myself after following the therapy. I was having capabilities but could not do anything I used to leave work in between after starting it.... With the useful therapy with minor changes in the strokes as guided by naveen ji, I was able to overcome my weaknesses and definitely was able to succeed.
Abhay Gupta
Got the Handwriting Analysis done for my daughter. Really impressive predictions by Mr Naveen Toshniwal. Never knew that our handwriting tells about ourselves and can change our life to achieve the desired goals. Planning to get my daughter enrolled in the course and get benefited. Urge others also not to miss this opportunity.
I was in a very depressed state of mind. My parents were not well. I was not well and was full of negativity. He told me to make few changes in my handwriting and the results were remarkable. Within few days I had become positive, optimistic and a happier person. I don't know the reason but everyday i would want to write and do my therapy properly.
I knew that handwriting reveals about the person. Came to know about many things about myself from the analysis done by Mr Naveen Toshniwal. His assessment was absolutely correct. Have been practicing what Mr Naveen suggested and find a lot of difference in myself. Will consult him quite often for improvement suggestions. Thank you Mr Naveen Toshniwal.
Sanjeev Mehra

About Us

Trait Reader is an handwriting analysis company with its Head Office in Jaipur, India. Company is promoted by eminent handwriting analyst Mr. Naveen Toshniwal who carries rich expertise in handwriting analysis and trait reading. Mr Naveen Toshniwal is a qualified engineer and a successful businessman. His current venture, Traitreader, is supported by a team of technical experts & marketing representatives

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G-2 Mahalaxmi Apartment, Mahadev Nagar, Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 302021 INDIA

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